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I have been neglecting this journal in favor of the fun facebook.  But sometimes I have more to say than facebook can handle, and there are actually more people who visit my facebook page than read my journal.  Which is fine.
It's so slow these days that I actually have the grateful dead playing on Pandora.com. 
I got into a mild political discussion with a local hotel manager today.  sigh.
I try not to discuss politics in the store, but he told me Obama scares him because he's never done anything. I told him McCain scares me more because he's just like Bush.  and that got us started.
It's not my fault.  I was raised in liberal New Englad and my parents were democrats as were my grandparents. My grandfather once told my mother (his daughter) that the Republicans were for the rich people and Democrats were for everyone else.  I still believe this oversimplification.
My nephew Jack who spent the summer with us, and decided not to return to school was at the republican convention.  He wasn't a delegate, nor did  he even make it inside the building.  He was one of the protestors.  He was tear gassed and maced in the face by a police officer.  He spoke with me the other day and told me he was frustrated because the media was saying there were a few anarchist protestors causing trouble and breaking windows.  He said that there were thousands of protestors, and most of them were peaceful.  He told me he was standing on a street watching a march, and a police officer told him to move along.  Jack showed the officer his press credentials from his student newspaper and said he was with the press.  There was a FOX news guy standing next to him.  The officer asked mr. FOX if Jack was with him.  mr. FOX said, "NO!".  The officer again told Jack to move along.  Jack again showed him his press credential and insisted that he had as much right to stay as mr. FOX.  The officer sprayed Jack with Mace. "and he never even warned me he would do that!" said surprised Jack. 
I am glad that Jack is having his adventure, but I am old enough to believe that protesting is not the way to change the world.  I think more progress could be made working for the Obama campaign.  But I dont' really think that Jack's goal here is to change the world, I think it is to have an adventure.  ...and he is succeeding with that.
As for me...I took a good spill off my bike today.My leg is sore, but I didn't lose much skin, just a little scrape, didn't even bleed, and I didn't hit my head.  It sure surprised me!  It's been chilly here.  Temps in the 40s and 50s.  I hope it gets warmer before it gets cold...


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Sep. 6th, 2008 06:27 am (UTC)
We started the night tonight kind of that way. I was talking politics with one nurse and another comes up and says, don't talk politics at work. The other nurse said something, can't remember what nothing serious, and I responded because we are Democrats and she is a Republican. We had a good laugh. I told her, I never try to change people's mind really, but it's fun to "argue" politics some times. :p If somebody is an independant, you can sway them, but if you already declare yourself one or the other, you aren't going to be able to change them. :p
I hope he enjoys his adventure. I wish I could have been up there too. lol... Alas, work comes first. Darn. :p
We have cooled off some, but not quite that much. Those have been our low temps. :)
Be careful on your bike now. :o
Sep. 6th, 2008 03:03 pm (UTC)
I've heard about the protesters and the clashes with police from a number of sources online, but the way MSM is reporting it, the press freedom aspect and pre-emptive raids on known anti-war groups is being totally ignored. Sigh. I'm a blue-state liberal feminist and I am really frustrated with the entire political situation.

Facebook is good for some things, LJ for others. I probably won't spend as much time on FB, but it's fun.
Sep. 6th, 2008 06:02 pm (UTC)
That cop needs to get a life and chill. What an arse.
Pretty soon you're going to be able to ski again.
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