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 Jack's gone.
He took off yesterday afternoon.  It's funny how the house seems emptier without him here.  He wasn't around that much,but we always knew he was coming and going.  Now his room is empty, the bed stripped.  I can't help looking at the sky, it's a cool day today, and wondering if he was able to sleep in a warm place.  He's off on an adventure, hope he finds something fulfilling.
It's our lull week here in the store.  Last year I missed it as I was in the hospital.  I was walking in the forest this morning with Dusty, and I saw an elk.  She ran across the trail, into the trees, where she stopped about 15 yards in.  I stopped too, and watched her for a minute, Dusty just was snuffling around wondering where that cool smell came from!  The elk wandered off deeper into the trees.  
It's a cool morning, about 45, you can really smell fall in the air.  The bison are wandering back from hayden valley toward our area.  The elk are starting to gather in the meadows, waiting for the rut to begin.  It won't be long now.  
I expect we'll have more warm weather, but the coolness beginning is a sure sign.
 Laura, my employee has gone to a wedding in LA.  We jumbled our schedule around and I"m working 12 hr days yesterday today and tomorrow.  sunday will feel like a breeze at only 9 hrs!  My brother will be leaving tomorrow.  They visited me in the store a couple of times yesterday.  The store was pretty busy too! 
I've  been hanging around on facebook alot lately.  I like the layout and it's really good for interacting.  find me there using my real name.
I know Fall is coming because the High School football team has started their 2-a-day practices!
7am hut 2 3 4 go Wolverines

Aug. 18th, 2008


they arrived around 9pm on Saturday night. We had breakfast on sunday and then went to the park.  We hiked Artist's Paint Pots trail where Leah really liked the mud pots, but Kevin was a little scared of the steam.  We hiked Uncle Tom's Trail, which is a long 358 stair trail down to a beautiful view of the Lower Falls.  The pics from there weren't very good, there were alot of people down there.  We went into Hayden Valley and watched the Bison for a while, then spent some time at the Canyon visitor's center where the girls got the Junior Ranger books.  Leah's almost done with hers.  We went to the Madison Jr. Ranger station where we all attended a ranger presentataion called Bison Jeopardy.  (this was part of the Jr. Ranger thing).  Dinner was at theGusher, where the grown ups had pizza and beer, and the kids had mac and cheese.

It was really fun! the kids were so good in the car, and all decorated my water bottle with lots of stickers.

Today I work in the morning, and then we're going to see Oklahoma at the Playmill.

thank you szandara this was a fun one

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The doctor appt yesterday went well.  It was a very nice office, very friendly and professional.  I was glad I'd been referred there.  I liked the doctor very much.   They didn't keep me waiting long, and when I got out I was 1.5 hrs early for my mammogram, but they were able to get me right in!  It was all in all a very positive experience.
Another extremely wonderful positive note is that my mom also had an appt yesterday with her gyn/onc.  He examined her and said her cervix was clear!  She is SO happy.  SHe has to go back in a month, but for now she's good and can concentrate on getting healthier again.
It was a year ago today that it all started.  The pimple on my leg had turned into a boil and I went to the local clinic to have it lanced.  Right after I left I got a high fever and got really sick.  But I waited a few days before I did anything else.  By the time I went back, they sent me to the hospital, where I stayed for two and a half weeks and three surgeries.
Now I have a big scar on my thigh.
So, what am I doing today?  I'm going to the doctor.  I'm actually going to Bozeman, I'll never go to the local clinic again if I can help it.  I'm just going for an ob appt and a mammogram.  I'm a little anxious, but I know it's something I have to do, especially withwhat mom's going through.
so.  Wish me luck!
so it's monday morning.  I will be working every one of the next 13 days.  Excersize keeps me sane, and I would rather go downstairs and play Oblivion this morning than go for a walk.  If it wasn't for Dusty egging me on, I"d be closing an oblivion gate right now.
Well, it's settled.  We're going to Disney world.
We're going in November with my brother and his family and mom & phil.  We're going for a week.
I'm quite excited.  I love Disney World.  
Afterwards Jay & I are flying up to CT with everyone and staying another week.  We will leave the sunday before Thanksgiving.  I was able to use credit card points for part of the airfare, but not all.  
Also in good travel news, our beautiful grandson and bringing his parents to see us in September.  Because of this, we've decided to forgo a fall trip to California.  this takes some of the financial pressure off of the trip east.
In other news...
This past weekend was the Rod Run.  Jay was pretty dissappointed because he had to work.  I went and picked this car to receive the Send It Home trophy this year.

I really liked the flames coming out of the grill.  I'll be posting pictures on the send it home web site soon.  
The rod run brought alot of business into the store on Saturday too.  It's also motorcycle season.  The bikers are all heading to and from the Sturgis bike rally and lots come through Yellowstone.  They tend to ship stuff home becuase they can't carry anything on their bikes!
I expect it will slow down and then comes moving season.  The time of year when everyone sends stuff to their winter destinations.  That will continue into october.