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Aug. 8th, 2009

I gave Jay a ride home from the bar tonight and he actually got pretty mad at me.  It's not like he goes there all the time, but he went and had pizza with his friend and called me.  I closed about 40 minutes early after an extremely busy day.  I went over there and had a beer with him..ok. 2 beers and a shot, but he was pretty drunk. He doesn't go to the bar and get drunk, it was kind of a fling/splurge for him.  It was kind of fun being in there with him, and  giggling, but ..He had his bike, and I had the car, and I insisted he put the bike in the back of my station wagon and let me drive him home. He made all kinds of comments about leaving his balls in the bar!  But he came around and understood.
It was so cool today..it's about 38 tonight..I wore my sweatshirt to the bar!

Dec. 31st, 2008

I took the last table last night.  A family of 6, 2 adults, 4 kids, that came in at 9:25pm just before we were to close.  I figured that since I didn't have to go in today and everyone else was done, I'd just take it.  It added $10 to my pocket. 
Once they got their food, I did something I never do til I'm completely done....I sat down.  I was sitting at a corner table in the bar, just waiting for the people to eat, and I was watching Teresa and Jen.  There was nobody else in the bar, and only my table in the restaurant.  A friend of theirs came in and invited the guys in the kitchen to a NYE party.  It was quiet, dark, and cold outside.  We were all pretty relieved because the boss had left. 
She was on the warpath all night.  It hasn't been very busy, like it usually is this time of year, and I think she's panicking.  Monday night was busy, and she wasn't in nearly as bad a mood.  I really understand her pain, especially when I look around the restaurant and see two dishwashers, three cooks, two bartenders, a host and four waitresses, not to mention the prep cook.  That's alot of people to pay.  One of the things I like about my store is that I can run it alone if I have to.
But..as I sat there in the bar, watching Teresa learn the ropes, I had such a sense of us being so small in such a big world.  There are hundreds, thousands of places, bars, restaurants, people making a living all over.  We're so isolated out here..so dependent on tourism, on discretionary income.  Sure people have to eat, but they don't have to come all the way here to eat. 
My overhead is pretty managable here in the store, and I have lots of faith that I'll survive the downturn...I do so much here..if the gifties don't sell, the shipping, the yarn, and the computers will carry me through. 
I'm sure glad I don't own a restaurant...

O Christmas Tree

Our tree went up on Tuesday, but we finally decorated it last night.  Our musical accompaniment was Jay's Christmas Collection which includes such classics as "who put the dick on the snowman".  I had to click past a few songs, but mostly I was tolerant.
We have a housemate for the winter.  Denise is a seasonal ranger who didn't get rehired by the park service this winter.  She'll be guiding for the same company Jay works for and needed a place in West.  We have plenty of room and in she moved.
Denise joined us for the decorating of the tree.  She brought some of her own ornaments and stories which brought out many of our ornament stories.
I have one ornament that belonged to my stepfather when he was a little boy.  It's one of those classic glass ball type ornaments with some angels on it.  I am amazed that it has lasted this long.  There are several RVs because they were a popular gift from my mom when we lived in an RV.  (we had no tree during that time, because there is no room for one in an RV.  But I saved the ornaments.)  I have ones that Jay & I bought during our travels, and a few that I made or friends made. 
I got a little choked up when I pulled out Clyde's ornament.  This is our first christmas without hime.  There is also one for Franny, now nearly five years gone,  and one for Dusty.
Back in 1986, my ex husband and I moved across the country from Massachusettes to California.  We thought we had moved a box of Christmas stuff, but unfortunately when we went to open the box we thought contained ornaments, we found that it contained something else.  Our decorations were gone.  We had no money.  I mean really NO Money!  We had really splurged to buy a small tree, and now had nothing to decorate it with.  So I made some dough ornaments and a paper chain and strung some popcorn.  I'm so glad those days are gone.  For many years I kept the star I made from cereal box cardboard and tinfoil to remind me of those days, but a couple of years ago I tossed it.  It was pretty chewed up.
Anyway..may your christmas and tree and holiday of your choice be merry and bright.  and here's a pic of this year's tree.

Oct. 21st, 2008

I really am making an effort to not dissappear from this journal.  (fill in excuses here)

... name ten good things in your life right now.


1. Mom is doing well, tumor has disappeared and she is handling the chemo very well.  She even went to the mall the other day.
2. I'm going to Disney World in just under 3 weeks.
3. I had a beautiful bike ride this morning with my dog and my husband.
4. I have yarn in my store and it's attracting lots of attention!
5. Jay cut a hole in the wall of my store yesterday revealing a window that has been hidden for a long time.  Hooray for light.!

wow...10 is harder than I thought, and I'm miss optimism.

6. I have a pretty cool junior girl scout troop.
7. I have a really cool co-leader for my troop replacing my friend who moved away.
8. I had a yummy pumpkin spice latte made for me by Turtle this morning.
9. Did I mention that I basically have my own yarn store now and I can knit anything I want with great yarn at wholesale!
10. My store will close for one month in a week and a half and I get a nice long vacation!

Letter Meme

I'm a little behind on the popular memes.  But I like this one.

Rules: Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list ten things you LOVE that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

thespian15  gave me L

LOST is my favorite TV show.  The guy who plays Jack is actually the nephew of a family friend, but I love the show's mysterious premise and all inventive way all the characters deal with the mysteries.
Laughter - Just anyone will tell you that I'm a very happy person.  I'm sure it drives some people crazy that I'm so positive all the time, but laughter feels so much better than moping.
Leprechaun - I think they're cute, but I am also especially fond of the musical Finian's Rainbow, in which a leprechaun features prominently.
Lei - a necklace made entirely of fresh flowers.  Who wouldnt like this.  They also symbolize many different things, but in general mean Hawaii to me.  I hope to go back there some day.
Lobster - Big, rich.  buttery. Maine Lobster. wear a bib.
Lunch - I'm usually so hungry by noon or so that Lunch is extremely welcome.  I prefer lunches I bring myself, but most of the time I'm not that prepared. 
Loyalty - I am a capricorn, and it is said we are extremely loyal.  I have found this to be pretty true in myself.  Down the little details.  I tend to go to the same grocery store, the same hairdresser...I stand by my friends, and I expect the same from others.
Leaves - I live in a place where most trees have needles, not leaves.  The sight of a hillside covered with trees and the leaves swaying and rustling in the breeze is beautiful.  This time of year I miss New England where I grew up and the leaves are starting to turn.
Library - More in concept than in practice...I like  a big public place where there are lots of books..where people come together to learn and socialize...where reading in its many forms is lauded as king.
Lilac - I like the color, the trees, the smell.  This is something my mother handed down to me.  I remember when we moved into a 2 family house in Bridgeport, I must've been in 4th grade.  The yard was surrounded by lilac trees and my mom was delighted..  I've loved them ever since.
I have been neglecting this journal in favor of the fun facebook.  But sometimes I have more to say than facebook can handle, and there are actually more people who visit my facebook page than read my journal.  Which is fine.
It's so slow these days that I actually have the grateful dead playing on Pandora.com. 
I got into a mild political discussion with a local hotel manager today.  sigh.
I try not to discuss politics in the store, but he told me Obama scares him because he's never done anything. I told him McCain scares me more because he's just like Bush.  and that got us started.
It's not my fault.  I was raised in liberal New Englad and my parents were democrats as were my grandparents. My grandfather once told my mother (his daughter) that the Republicans were for the rich people and Democrats were for everyone else.  I still believe this oversimplification.
My nephew Jack who spent the summer with us, and decided not to return to school was at the republican convention.  He wasn't a delegate, nor did  he even make it inside the building.  He was one of the protestors.  He was tear gassed and maced in the face by a police officer.  He spoke with me the other day and told me he was frustrated because the media was saying there were a few anarchist protestors causing trouble and breaking windows.  He said that there were thousands of protestors, and most of them were peaceful.  He told me he was standing on a street watching a march, and a police officer told him to move along.  Jack showed the officer his press credentials from his student newspaper and said he was with the press.  There was a FOX news guy standing next to him.  The officer asked mr. FOX if Jack was with him.  mr. FOX said, "NO!".  The officer again told Jack to move along.  Jack again showed him his press credential and insisted that he had as much right to stay as mr. FOX.  The officer sprayed Jack with Mace. "and he never even warned me he would do that!" said surprised Jack. 
I am glad that Jack is having his adventure, but I am old enough to believe that protesting is not the way to change the world.  I think more progress could be made working for the Obama campaign.  But I dont' really think that Jack's goal here is to change the world, I think it is to have an adventure.  ...and he is succeeding with that.
As for me...I took a good spill off my bike today.My leg is sore, but I didn't lose much skin, just a little scrape, didn't even bleed, and I didn't hit my head.  It sure surprised me!  It's been chilly here.  Temps in the 40s and 50s.  I hope it gets warmer before it gets cold...
 The good thing about being in the hospital last year was that it took me away from the August blues.  
I am so frustrated at customers, vendors, and even locals.  I know I'm not the only one.  
When my brother was here last week I moved a haircut appt.  It was rescheduled for this morning.  I swear she told me 830, but she says it was 8. Well I showed up at 820 and she couldn't do it.  She couldn't reschedule again until sept 12.  geez.  and on top of that she was all pissy.  I apologized, she didn't.  AND SHE'S THE ONE WHO SAID 830...I SWEAR SHE DID.  Well, I'm going to do something nice for her, even though I truly believe it was her fault.  But it sure pissed me off.  
And this after Jay made me yummy pancakes for breakfast.
Then, I get a call from the trucking company that delivers my boxes, telling me that although they have them, they won't be delivering them til Tuesday.  Why even bother to call.  She asks me if that's allright.  I ask her if it matters.  She says no, not really.  sigh.
grump. grump sigh.
Then a guy comes to drop off a fedex.  I hate drop offs, I don't get paid enough for them.  I routinely ask people to please use pre-printed forms, so I ask this guy if he has any, he tells me he does, but didn't use it this time.  I ask him if he would please use them next time because that's how we can tell that the account numbers are real.  He says, "You're calling me a liar?"  GEEZ, get a grip guy!  I tell him I am not calling him a liar, but I have been charged for these in the past, and prefer the pre printed forms if possible.  They recently removed the FedEx drop box and we're getting more and more of these.  'cost-omers'  I try and convert some of them, but they are not always receptive.  
grump grump

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